Export Management System

Export Management means planning, organizing, coordinating and control export efforts or activities to achieve desired export objectives smoothly and with continuance. We have designed this specially for Ceramic Industry.

This is for all who is exporting goods and hassling with multiple document management

Manually entering data into document templates opens up the risk for human error. Every time that data is copied and pasted to other documents you run the risk of the wrong information being submitted on your documents. If one small input error is made, it can potentially cause your business big problems that include delays, fines, and not what.

TBIS EMS templates are aligned to validation to ensure that fields will meet compliance. This ensures that data is entered correctly, making it easier for anyone in your team to create documents with confidence.

It that you will get:

  • Set company profile
  • Manage customer
  • Manage staff
  • Manage merchant exporter
  • Manage manufacturer
  • Manage product
  • Manage all types of export license
  • Manage container
  • Manage Performa invoice
  • Manage production
  • Manage Export invoice
  • Manage Annexure, VGM, & packing list and many more